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2014-03-28 15.02.15

Catalina Island Medical Center will be a lot easier to find with the installation of four new blue  “H”  hospital directional signs around Avalon.

At the urging of AMDC Board member Bea Van Every, CIMC’s CEO John Friel began his inquiries by writing to the City and later meeting with City Manager Ben Harvey.  Many  new residents, visitors and guests are unaware that Avalon even has a hospital. The purpose of placing the internationally recognized bright blue placards around town is a matter of public safety and community awareness.

With the recommendation of City Planning Commissioner Amanda Cook and the approval of Ben Harvey the signs were ordered, received and installed by Pastor Lopez and his public works crew.

The signs are 24″ x 24″ with arrows pointing in the direction to take toward the hospital. They are located at the intersection of Crescent and Clarissa near CC Gallagher’s, at Five Points nearest to City Hall, on Beacon Street at the downhill Sumner Avenue stop sign and on the golf course side of Avalon Canyon Road at Falls Canyon Road.

CIMC is committed to safeguarding the community and it’s visitors. Disaster preparedness and emergency services are vital for Avalon and CIMC CARES.

Follow the signs to find quality medical services at Catalina Island Medical Center.