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Medical Records Specialist Pixie King is pictured with her son Rayden, 22 and their dog Fritz

Pixie King, an employee at Catalina Island Medical Center epitomizes everything that is good about the hospital she has worked at for 34 years. Her job as a medical records specialist includes medical coding, correspondence pertaining to patient records, auditing of records and OSHPD reporting for the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.  King also kept all written medical records viable during the recent transition to electronic data tracking, which CIMC has implemented.

“My Mom worked here and she suggested that I apply, so I did,” King explained.  En route to her present job description she was a Certified Nursing Assistant, an Emergency Medical Technician and learned how to assist with everything from blood draws to X-rays.

King came to Catalina Island when she was 2 years old and raised her family in Avalon.  The mother of three and grandmother of three is “vested” in CIMC and cares about the patients and staff that she works with.  CIMC is “part of my life” King shared.

With her legacy of experience at Catalina Island Medical Center she is a vital member of the staff.  ”Recognizing her years of service is a privilege, “commented CIMC CEO John Friel.  As year 35 rolls around Pixie King is still working hard for every patient and doing the important job of medical coding and records management.