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ulbarriDr. Laura Ulibarri has been a part of the Catalina Island Medical Center team since July 2007. The family practice physician attended medical school at the University of New Mexico and served patients there and in the state of Alaska for two decades before moving to Catalina Island. Her experience in private practice and hospital settings in both urban and isolated rural areas in such an asset. Dr. Ulibarri enjoys the island’s natural beauty, it’s small town charm and it’s sense of community.






Dr. Tracey Norton joined the Catalina Island Medical Center team in July 2008. A family practice physician for more than two decades, the doctor of osteopathy left a teaching position at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine to practice on the island where she devotes herself full-time to improving the lives and health of her patients. She has been visiting the island since she was a child and lives in Avalon with her husband Carel Struycken.


Downey Regional Medical Center
For several months a year, Catalina Island Medical Center works with the Family Practice Internship and Residency Program at Downey Regional Medical Center. Second and third year residents see patients in the Catalina Island Medical Group Office, spend time on-call in the emergency room and provide care to the facility’s in-patients. The program allows the California-licensed osteopathic physicians to gain experience in a rural environment and gives the medical center additional physician coverage between March and October.

Visiting specialists
Visiting specialists regularly see patients at Catalina Island Medical Center, typically on  Saturdays in the medical group office. Cardiology, dermatology, podiatry and ophthalmology are just some of the medical specialties available.