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AMDC Board Agenda


J. Paul DeMyer
Board member and Immediate Past Chairman
“Paul” DeMyer joined the board in 2008.  He works as a Group Vice-President for the Santa Catalina Island Company and is president of Hamilton Land Holdings, Inc.  An active Rotarian Paul is eager to help his community and the medical center be the best it can be.  He explains, “the Catalina Island Medical Center has grown and survived the many challenges it has faced in the past.  I hope to be able to to help it continue to grow as a successful organization.”


Ross Turner
Board member
Marine Institute at Toyon Bay, Fox Landing and Cherry Cove. A 30-year resident of the island, Ross sees his tenure on the board as an opportunity to give back to the island community. He feels  “Catalina Island Medical Center is a vital part of our community.”Ross Turner is the founder and Executive Director of Guided Discoveries, which operates the Catalina Island
Lisa Moss
Board memberLisa Moss has a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Administration.  She works as the Director of Human Resources at the Catalina Island Conservancy.  Prior to moving to “beautiful” Catalina in 2011 Lisa Moss, a San Diego native worked in high end retail and volunteered at “Making Strides against Breast Cancer” with the American Cancer Society and at Rady’s Children’s Hospital.
Beatrice Van Every
Board member
Beatrice Van Every has “loved” coming to Catalina regularly since childhood. She retired ten years ago after working extensively with physicians, hospitals and HMO’s in a variety of capacities. Her interests and expertise make her an asset to the board. An avid sail boater, Bea and her husband Scott (a CIMC Foundation trustee) purchased a home and recently moved to the island full time.
Conrado Vega
Board memberConrado Vega is a longtime island resident.  He manages several businesses in town and has raised his family here.Ritch Haynes
Board  Member

Ritch Haynes, was born and raised in Michigan and studied mathematics and computer science gaining advanced degrees in both at Eastern Michigan University. He has worked for over 40 years in healthcare. His career involves creating and maintaining software which assists hospitals with administrative issues, digital clinical records and internet portals for entities who take medical risk.  He and his wife Kathleen own a home on the island. “I’m impressed by where CIMC is today . . . and I look forward to bringing my particular skills to the AMDC Board.”