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One of CIMC’s biggest sources of support has been the Catalina Island Medical Center Foundation. Formed in 1980 as the Avalon Hospital Foundation, this organization’s goal is to support health care on the island, both through raising funds and by publicizing CIMC’s goals and guiding principals.

The regular monthly meetings of the Foundation board enable the members to receive an update on the medical center’s plans and activities. That information allows the Foundation to anticipate and prepare to help meet the medical center’s needs. The Foundation president is also in attendance at the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of CIMC as an active participant in addressing solutions to the community’s health care needs.

No matter where a hospital is located, it relies on a network of support from the community it serves. Volunteers, in-kind donations and financial contributions are essential, whether the hospital is Hoag Memorial, Long Beach Memorial or Catalina Island Medical Center.

The Catalina Island Medical Center Foundation’s signature fundraiser is “An Evening With Oscar”, a gala that coincides with the Academy Awards telecast.  The black-tie optional event includes dining, dancing and a silent auction amid the glamor of the Oscar presentations.

New radiology equipment, laboratory analyzers, ultrasounds and EKG machines are just a few of the essential equipment purchases that have been made possible by foundation support. The organization has also funded facility renovations and training for personnel.


Catalina Island Medical Center Foundation
P.O. Box 524, Avalon, CA 90704

Carol Reynolds, Chair
Debbie Phelps, Treasurer
Dick Kellogg, Vice Chair
John Friel, Director
Maggie Maki, Director
Michelle Jaeger, Director
Yoli Montano, Director
Scott Van Every, Director
Mesa Bradley, Director
Walt Puffer, Director
Katrina Perea, Administrative Assistant
Connie Friel, Associate Member
John Lovrich, Associate Member