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Catalina Island Medical Center’s Emergency Department evaluates and treats nearly 1,700 cases a year. The emergency room is staffed at all times and supported by the medical center’s laboratory and diagnostic imaging departments to meet the emergency medical needs of Catalina Island’s residents and visitors. About 100 patients a year require more intensive medical care and must be medically evacuated off the island.

Catalina Island Medical Center’s in-patient beds are available for acute care patients. Residents or visitors needing supportive medical care can be treated on the island for conditions such as pneumonia, gastroenteritis, diverticulitis, congestive heart failure or infections requiring intravenous antibiotics.

Catalina Island Medical Center also supports the island’s medical needs with in-patient rehabilitation for patients needing therapy services (physical, occupational and speech therapy) or wound care to recuperate after an acute hospitalization.

Long-term care is available at CIMC’s skilled nursing facility, which is supported by physicians, nurses, a medical social worker, physical, occupational and speech therapists, a dietician, and an activities program. Residents in the skilled nursing facility may have a wide range of medical conditions that require on-going, long-term medical care and support.