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Catalina Island Medical Center’s three primary care physicians and family nurse practitioner provide the island community with a solid foundation of care.

When specialty care is needed however, a trip to the mainland is not always necessary, thanks to the visiting specialist providers who regularly provide services at CIMC.

Those services include cardiology, dermatology, podiatry and family planning services.

Dr. Steve Appleby and Dr. Rex Winters

Once a month, second Thursdays
Contact (714) 656-2140

Dr. Steven Gammer

Once a month on Saturdays
Contact (562) 431-8554

Dr. Lawrence Abend

Once a month on Saturdays
Contact (310) 377-6926

Women’s Health Center

Family planning and health services
Every other Wednesday
Contact (310) 222-3723

Dr. Jared Younger

Every other month on Saturdays
Contact (714) 546-2020