Are there any confirmed COVID-19 cases on Catalina Island?

Last Updated: April 6, 2020

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Update 4/6/2020 3:30 PM

We have received an overwhelming number of requests from the community to stay updated on coronavirus testing data.  CIMC is making this data available on our dedicated coronavirus webpage Please visit our page often to stay updated on coronavirus test data at CIMC.

Response 3/30/2020

We have received many requests about the results from patients that have been tested for possible COVID-19. Since March 15th, 2020 six patients have been tested for possible COVID-19 and all have negative results. Prior to today, the number of patients tested were too small for CIMC to allow for this information be released to the public without possibly divulging protected patient information of the individuals being tested. We appreciate the community’s understanding of CIMC’s strict values of protecting our patient’s confidentiality.

Catalina Island Medical Center recommends exercising an abundance of caution in handling this illness. CIMC recommends practicing good hygiene as a precaution to keep our community and continue social distancing. We will continue assessing the situation as it evolves and keep the community updated. Please give advanced notice before visiting a health care facility or when calling 911.