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Do I need a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot if I received Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Vaccine?
A booster dose will likely be needed for those who have received the J&J/Janssen vaccine, but we are waiting for more information from the FDA and CDC, and we will keep the community informed ...
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Is there a difference between a COVID-19 vaccine booster dose and an additional dose?
Additional Dose: The CDC has recommended an additional (third) dose for moderately to severely immunocompromised people. The additional dose should be administered at least 28 days after completing the initial 2-dose mRNA COVID-19 vaccine ...
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Who will be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine booster first?
The same groups of people that were first eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine will likely be the first eligible to receive the booster shot. This includes healthcare providers, older adults, and residents of long-term ...
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When can I get a COVID-19 vaccine booster?
Once the FDA authorizes the vaccine booster and the dose is recommended by the ACIP, it will be available for individuals starting eight months after they received their second dose of an mRNA vaccine ...
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Can we get a rapid antigen test same day results Saturday or Sunday October 16-17?
In order to be tested for COVID-19 a clinic appointment needs to be made to schedule the test. We do provide same day results for rapid testing of COVID-19.
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What is the rate of COVID-19 cases on the island as of 7/25/2021?
We do not have the ability to answer this question accurately. Catalina Island Medical Center does not conduct testing on all individuals residing on Catalina. Without access to those results, CIMC cannot calculate the ...
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Is Catalina Island is open to visit?
Catalina Island is and remains open for tourism, business, and residents. You can find more information on what’s open here
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Where can I receive a COVID-19 Vaccine on Catalina Island?
Vaccine clinics are currently ongoing every Thursday at Catalina Island Medical Center Clinic. See the following page for upcoming dates, times, approved ages and additional information
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How could I get a COVID PCR (Antigen) test on the island?
Call the clinic to schedule a testing appointment (310) 510-0096. ¿Cómo podría hacerse una prueba de COVID PCR (antígeno) en la isla? Llame a la clínica para programar una cita para la prueba (310) 510-0096.
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Do you need to get tested for COVID-19 before entering Catalina Island?
No, you do not need to be tested before entering.
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Does CIMC do COVID-19 tests?
Yes. If you are concerned that you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 and would like to be tested, please call the clinic to schedule an appointment. Please Call CIMC before you come to the Medical ...
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Are there any confirmed COVID-19 cases on Catalina Island?
Update 4/6/2020 3:30 PM We have received an overwhelming number of requests from the community to stay updated on coronavirus testing data.  CIMC is making this data available on our dedicated coronavirus webpage ...
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Why are we, Catalina Island residents, NOT becoming ill. I do see quite a few adults out in small groups meandering about after dark. Have any residents been infected by this COVID?
Thus far, we have been fortunate to have avoided community transmission of coronavirus on Catalina Island. We are exploring the degree to which CIMC can act as a public health entity to identify COVID-19 ...
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If someone with the virus pets a dog or cat then you pet the animal can the virus be transmitted?
It does not appear that dogs and cats can actually be infected by this particular coronavirus, so the risk of COVID-19 would be purely based on droplet transmission. We're not aware of any particular ...
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I would like daily updates: # tested, results of those tests, suspected cases, turnaround time for tests. With the rapidly changing spread of Covid-19, weekly updates are not enough.
Update 4/3/2020 Quest Diagnostics has reduced the time for results. We expects test results back within 3 to 5 days. Response 3/30/2020 Technically, this is the responsibility of public health rather individual hospitals.  However, ...
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With our closed Island and small population have you considered testing everyone as Iceland and San Miguel County, CO. have done?
We have discussed multiple approaches, given the unique opportunity presented by the relatively sheltered Catalina population and absence thus far (knock on wood) of COVID-19 cases.  The problem with testing everyone up until now ...
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Once quick, reliable testing is available, does the City have a plan for getting that testing – specifically for the people making food in restaurants or packing food in the food banks? My concern is that the food distributors get sick, and that we need to know if someone is safe to take their place.
Absolutely!  While this sore of coordination is usually reserved for public health officials, CIMC would like to serve this role for Catalina Island as best that we can.  Within the past week, we have ...
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Are there any hotlines, articles, and links from the Hospital that would help those who would feel their depression or anxiety is rising because of the quarantine?
Anyone experiencing anxiety or depression related to the COVID-19 pandemic should call the general hospital number (310) 510-0700 or clinic (310) 510-0096 .  CIMC social services and mental health practitioners have been extremely active ...
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We also need help taking care of critically ill patients, we do not have ICU units in Catalina. What has the city done and what are they currently doing to work with CIMC to ensure the care for our residents as far as quarantine facilities and ICU units and the manpower to staff them?
We have increased our supply of ventilators, ICU-level monitoring equipment, and medications such that we are able to care for multiple critical patients simultaneously and for several days in a row.  Our protocol will ...
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Have you reached out to Governor Newsom to let them know our situation and we need more medical supplies to help protect our staff since we are very limited in the medical staff?
CIMC staff have capitalized on every opportunity to acquire additional supplies, including medications and equipment.  Local, state, and federal entities have been contacted and are aware of our unique geographical needs.  However, this has ...
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Does Catalina Island have any quarantine areas that are being considered for patients because our hospital is not big enough?
Yes, we are considering expansion into both clinical and non-clinical spaces as needed.  The plan is to keep critical patients on site and move non-critical patients (less acute and/or recovering patients) off site.  In ...
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Does the hospital have enough staff to man the ventilators it has, and other patients coming in?
While it is not optimal to have nurses managing more than one mechanically ventilated patient at a time, all of the nurses and physicians that staff the emergency department are trained in the care ...
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How many ventilators does the hospital currently have?
We now have four working ventilators, each of which could ventilate two patients simultaneously in extraordinary circumstances.  Two of the ventilators can provide non-invasive positive-pressure ventilation, and our protocol will be to transfer patients ...
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What is the city’s back-up plan for Avalon Fire Department personnel if they get symptoms? What is the backup plan for Baywatch?
Our EMS agencies (AFD & Baywatch) follow the Los Angeles County EMS plan, which is currently focused on keeping providers staffing their usual locations and avoiding cross-agency coverage, which would only be utilized in ...
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Would we be able to get an update on how many tests have been done at the hospital
Jason Paret, CEO of CIMC, will now be posting statistics regarding the number of patients run through our COVID-19 screening/testing protocol. ¿Podríamos obtener una puesta al día sobre cuántas pruebas se han hecho en ...
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Why is media making the coronavirus such a big deal when influenza and dengue fever are both higher than last year?
Illnesses like influenza and dengue are certainly serious and affect thousands of people every year. There are a few key differences between those illnesses and COVID-19. The COVID-19 virus is much more contagious than ...
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Are individuals immune to COVID-19 if they are able to get cured?
The expectation right now is that patients who have COVID-19 and recover from the virus will have some level of immunity. More information will come in as researchers learn more about the evolution of ...
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Can individuals still get tested for the regular flu?
Catalina Island Medical Center is testing residents with flu-like symptoms for influenza first. If the flu test is negative and the patient meets testing criteria for COVID-19, they will test for the COVID-19 virus. ...
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What is going to be the protocol if/when the COVID-19 Virus reaches Catalina Island?
The most important thing is to stay in your home if you think you may have COVID-19. 90% of patients can be taken care/monitored remotely.Call Los Angeles County Public Health: (213) 240-7941 to talk ...
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Do you have tips for families and caregivers?
Those who care for older adults can take steps to ensure their needs are met while staying safe.Know what medications your loved one is taking and see if you can help them have extra ...
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How can I reduce my risk of contracting COVID-19?
The CIMC recommends the following precautions to reduce risk of COVID-19 Observe deep social distancing and isolation. Avoid crowds and large gatherings, especially in poorly ventilated spaces. Take everyday precautions to keep space between ...
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Is there a treatment or vaccine for COVID-19?
Updated July 29, 2021: Visit for vaccine updates Previous Update March 18, 2020:: There is no specific treatment for illness caused by the novel coronavirus. However, many of the symptoms can be alleviated.There ...
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Where does CIMC do COVID-19 testing?
Currently, CIMC works with Quest Diagnostics for offsite testing. We are following the CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines on which patients we are able to test. En donde hace CIMC los exámenes de ...
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Are visitors allowed at the hospital
Effectively immediately, the only visitors allowed at the medical center are guardians of a child/minor or individuals with special needs.
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Is CIMC screening people who come to the medical center for COVID-19?
Screening and testing are two different things. We screen every person who comes to the CIMC (including all staff) by asking if they are having any symptoms. We are only testing for COVID-19 if ...
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