Friendly Reminders From CIMC – Deductibles and Copayments

Date Posted: February 4, 2022

deductibles and copays

Friendly Reminders from CIMC


Not every health plan has a deductible, and this amount may vary by plan. Every year, it starts over, and you'll need to reach the deductible again for that year before your plan benefits start.


Copayments are required to be paid at the time of your visit.  A copay (or copayment) is a flat fee that you pay on the spot each time you go to your doctor.  Your copay amount is printed right on your health plan ID card. Copays cover your portion of the cost of a doctor's visit.

If you have any questions about your deductible or copay, call us at 310 510-0700. We are here to help.