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CIMC Healthcare Hero Honor Wall

ER Staff, Medical Team, Dr. Jonathan Smart, Nurse Bri and Radiology Tech

"Dear Catalina Staff, I want to thank and praise your emergency room staff, medical team, Dr. Jonathan Smart, Nurse Bri, radiology tech (unknown) for your care, kindness, patience, and bedside manner. We unexpectedly required your medical services in the middle of the night, I was scared and worried about my boyfriend who was the injured patient, you calmed me down and handled us with professional grace and even a little humor. Dr. Smart had Tests run, meds given, all done in a timely manner and with great care and a positive outcome. We left feeling better about our situation, both physically and mentally with your help. We both highly recommend your medical center to anyone who is in need of medical care... Thank you.”

Wendy Flynn
CIMC Grateful Patient

CIMC Staff 

"I needed a CT scan and so they wrapped me in blankets and carted me off under the stars to an adjacent trailer.”

Ann Hinchliffe
CIMC Grateful Patient

ER Staff 

"When I was 3 years old, I had what we thought was a really bad stomach bug. My parents decided to take me to the ER at CIMC, and After being evaluated and multiple test done they quickly figured out that my stomach was “asleep”. The ER staff as well as Nurse Santa and Lyra jumped into action and got me on the next helicopter to the mainland. Once on the mainland they discovered I had Volvulus and would have not lived another day, and that a lot of drs would have missed the symptoms and say it was the flu and how lucky we were to have such amazing well educated Staff working. During my time on the mainland the ER staff at CIMC would call my parents to check on me, and Santa even came over to the hospital and prayed for me while I was in a medically induced coma. Not only did they save my life that night but they continued to care about me and continue to do so today!"

Cassidy Rose Engel
CIMC Grateful Patient


Lola DiMiele
CIMC Grateful Patient

Dr. Aimee Warren & Dr. Ehab Mady 

"I went to see Dr. Warren because I knew she would find answers to a medical condition that had been plaguing me for several years. While I was being treated overtown, the treatments were clearly not working. She immediately ordered tests and ultimately consulted with Dr. Ehab Mady who is now also providing treatment. I am so grateful to both doctors who now have me well on my way to recovery. We are so fortunate to have physicians who provide such high quality care."

Carol Reynolds
CIMC Grateful Patient

Santa Dominguez

"I am indebted to Santa Dominguez for insisting I get medevacked to Torrance Hospital. I would not have gone on my own as I thought I was OK. I may not have survived many more days without treatment, I was in the Hospital 14 days with seriously infected lungs."

Chuck Martin
CIMC Grateful Patient

Olivia Mello

"My adult autistic son had fallen and required stitches. My husband called CIMC to give them a heads up that we were coming in and that our son would make treatment difficult. Olivia was just getting done with her shift but upon hearing we were coming in, decided to stay to help. Olivia has known our son since he was baby and understands the challenges we face with getting him medical care. She took the lead on Aaron’s care, knowing a familiar face would keep Aaron calm. She advised staff on how to approach Aaron and recognizing that extra hands would be needed to keep him still, put a call in to City of Avalon Fire for assistance. She assisted through the whole procedure, all the way to helping him to the car and explaining his after care. She stayed long after her shift was over in order to give our son the best care possible and a more positive experience. Thank you Olivia!"

Andrea Carstarphen
CIMC Grateful Patient

Front Desk Staff

Patricia Mulgado
CIMC Grateful Patient

Olivia Mello

"When I broke my foot last year, Olivia was kind enough to drive me home from the ER and help me get up my stairs - which was no small feat! Thank you for going out of your way to help me. "

Shannon Hill
CIMC Grateful Patient

Jessica Flores, LVN

"Jessica gave me my Flu Shot this year and I'm so grateful to her!"

Tina Minh
CIMC Grateful Patient

Your Trusted Providers

Aimee Warren
Dr. Aimee Warren
DO, Chief of Staff
Dr. Daniel Davis, MD
Dr. Daniel Davis
Dr. Edwin McGroarty, MD
Dr. Edwin McGroarty
Santa Dominguez, FNP
Santa Dominguez
Patrick Brayall, PT/DPT
Patrick Brayall
Natalie Latshaw, PT, DPT
Natalie Latshaw,
Kymberlee Stanley, LCSW, Director of Social Services
Kymberlee Stanley
LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Arielle Gout, Occupational Therapist
Arielle Gout

We are beyond proud of our doctors, practitioners, therapists, nurses, administration, housekeepers, coordinators, food service, maintenance and every single person at CIMC who wholeheartedly contributes to helping the first rate care for our patients, every day. Honor a CIMC Healthcare Hero today!