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Video Update: Dr. Daniel Davis at Avalon City Council Meeting on COVID-19

Date Posted: March 17, 2020

Dr. Daniel Davis MD, FACEP presents on COVID-19 at the Avalon City Council Meeting

Catalina Island Medical Center's Dr. Daniel Davis MD, FACEP presents an in-depth look at the coronavirus, covering what makes COVID-19 a unique threat and how and why we are attempting to prevent its spread within our community.

This special Avalon City Council presentation includes specific concerns about the aging population of Catalina Island and an overview of CIMC patients, staffing, equipment, and hospital surge capacity alongside the risks of COVID-19. Dr. Davis also covers testing criteria and procedure for COVID-19 as provided by the CDC.

After the presentation, Dr. Davis answers pressing questions from the Catalina Island community.

CIMC continues to play a vital public health role for Catalina Island and we encourage all residents to be responsible and protect the vulnerable citizens of our community. This is an unprecedented time in the world, and we commend the leadership and courage of our community. We are all in this together.

To view the full City of Avalon City Council Meeting from March 17, 2020 click here scroll down to "Available Archives" click on 2020, and then click "Video" under the March 17th posting.

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