Catalina Island Medical Center

Video Update: CIMC’s Dr. Daniel Davis presents at Avalon City Council Meeting Sept 1

Date Posted: September 2, 2020

CIMC's Dr. Daniel Davis presents at Avalon City Council Meeting
COVID-19 Updates, perspective, and predictions surrounding COVID-19

Dr. Daniel Davis covers daily new cases and daily deaths nationally, the difference between spring and fall and how these numbers compare with those at CIMC, plus updates regarding contact tracing and success keeping long term care residents safe.

This presentation examines the improvement in death rates compared to infection rates, co-infection, and mutations of COVID-19. Dr. Davis covers what to expect in terms of effectiveness, prevention, and immunity as the US explores new vaccinations.

Dr. Davis talks through the response to Coronavirus so far and how you can continue to help prevent the spread within our community by wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing.

Question and answer session with Dr. Davis and CIMC CEO Jason Paret includes questions on CIMC testing data, contact tracing, recovered cases, and cases with long term symptoms.

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