Video Update: Dr. Daniel Davis on the Importance of Identifying and Managing Chronic Diseases

Date Posted: March 31, 2021

Video Transcript
Hey, this is Dr Dan Davis coming to you from Catalina Island Medical Center and I wanted to say a couple of things.
First with regard to the pandemic, I want to let you know how much I appreciate the level of trust that you've placed in Catalina Island Medical Center in general, and in me in particular.
In providing information about the pandemic and making recommendations for those who thought they might have
COVID, for those who actually were confirmed to have COVID, and for all of you in making decisions about getting vaccinated.
I think Catalina has elevated itself above other communities in demonstrating how we can pull together and really weather this storm with as minimal damage as possible.
So thank you for that. I think as we emerge hopefully from this  pandemic, it gives us an opportunity to sort of reboot, and to think about our health once again.
We saw during the pandemic the influence of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension particularly when they're not well controlled, and so we want to redouble our efforts to identify these chronic illnesses and try and get them under control.
Hopefully not because there's another pandemic in our future although you never know, but the same pattern that we saw where any disease state was worse in the presence of comorbidities such as diabetes and 
uncontrolled hypertension.
And that makes it imperative that we get on top of these things and 
give each of you the best and healthiest life possible
So I encourage you to call the medical center for an appointment to reach out to one of us and let us team with you similarly to the way we did with the pandemic in trying to establish a healthy and active life.
Thank you very much.

CIMC's Dr. Daniel Davis shares his appreciation for the level of trust Catalina Island residents have placed in CIMC during the pandemic. He discusses the importance of identifying chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension and working together with your providers to manage them. To speak with Dr. Davis or schedule your next in-person visit at Catalina Island Medical Center, call the CIMC Clinic at (310) 510-0096.

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