Video Update: CIMC’s Dr. Daniel Davis presents at Avalon City Council Meeting

Date Posted: July 8, 2020

Dr. Daniel Davis presents COVID-19 updates surrounding the influx in cases in California, the differences in data between cases and deaths, updates to testing and treatments, virus mutations, timelines, vaccines, and key data indicators to watch moving forward.

Dr. Davis also covers Catalina's uptick in cases via community spread, what qualifies as exposure, and how the community can help stop the spread by wearing face coverings, using social distancing and hand washing. Includes QA session with Dr. Davis answering questions from the community and Avalon City Council.

To view the full City of Avalon City Council Meeting from July 7, 2020 click here scroll down to "Available Archives" click on 2020, and then click "Video" under the July 7th posting.